Mary O'Brien

Mary is a prime example of the saying that it is never to late to learn something new.  Playing English border pipes and Flemish style bagpipes with Rough Musicke combines being able to recreate aspects of the middle ages, go home to the wonders of modern technology and have tremendous fun being raucous in the street. For quieter times she also plays Leicestershire smallpipes and the hammered dulcimer.

Carol Partridge 

Carol has travelled via a circuitous route from traditional English folk music and instruments to a new-found passion for the melodies of the mediaeval realms. Achieving a more genteel sound with her range of Moeck and Mollenhauer recorders, she more than makes up for the quiet moments with her rauschpfeife, made by Eric Moulder, and her hurdy gurdy (affectionately referred to by the group as 'The Mangle'), crafted by local maker Claire Dugué.

Gerry O'Brien

 Gerry has been playing folk fiddle since his early 20s and playing for dancers is one of his great pleasures.  In the band Gerry plays Flemish style bagpipes, English Greatpipes, Spanish Gaita, shawms and gralla. For the quiet moments he plays Leicestershire smallpipes, medieval fiddle or rebec. And with his daughter Aisling has published A Bagful of Melodies a collection of tunes for English bagpipes in two or three parts.


Dave, Bob, Julia & Sinead make up the percussion section in rough musicke and all originate from a samba background and have all played together in many different community bands but it was only when the percussion section were involved with a local medieval event that they changed their samba instruments for a selection of reproduction medieval & renaissance drums and changed their playing style to suit