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Contact Information                         Bringing Alive Sandwich Heritage is a not-for-profit group of volunteers with an interest in 
                                                          history, heritage and culture.The BASH committee works  alongside community groups to deliver projects in the town.                   Julia Baxter works from her home studio as a professional Calligrapher, Artist and Tutor of
                                                                          Calligraphy. Also Percussionist in Rough Musicke                                                Masked & costumed players host entertainments to suit your event:
                                                                                         early music and dancing jig dolls, walkabout character marionettes
                                                                                                                                            living history performance tent. 

The game of skittles as we know it today being played with nine pins in Britain, is first mentioned in two Medieval manuscripts both written in the 1300s. These have references to a game called kayles which from their description can be seen as being the game of skittles, the name kayles being taken from the French word for skittle which is quille.